charliejanssen“It has always been my strong belief that elected officials should uphold the will of their constituents.  Please vote NO in February to help them realize that again.”

-Senator Charlie Janssen, Fremont – Fremont Business Owner



“What part of illegal doesn’t our city council understand? I’m voting NO to illegal immigration for a second time. Our Vote Should Count!”

-Gene Schultz, Fremont – Retired Typesetter / IT Tech



“I stand for legal immigration, but not illegal immigration. OUR VOTE SHOULD COUNT!”

-Dawn Wiegert, Fremont – Substitute for Fremont Public Schools.




“Our military veterans fought and have died to protect our right to vote.  Being heard through one’s vote is an important part of what America stands for.”

-Gloria Yerger, Fremont – Retired from Human Resources at US West



“We are a free nation with many laws. Law abiding citizens do not have the right to choose what laws to obey and what laws to ignore.”

-Bob Warner, Fremont – Former Fremont City Council


paulvonbehren“Ultimately, illegal immigration could cost the city of Fremont 5 million dollars a year!”

-Paul Von Behren, Ames




“We have to address the escalating costs in our school system due to the influx of illegal immigrants.”

-Deanna Schlenz, Fremont – Retired FPS School Teacher



“It is time for our city officials to LISTEN to the people they serve. The citizens approved this immigration ordinance overwhelmingly in 2010 and for the city to take away our vote is Un-American!”

-John Wiegert, Fremont – School Teacher



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